“Change the date, change the course of history” – People’s Vote moves march to October 19 - People's Vote

“Change the date, change the course of history” – People’s Vote moves march to October 19

The People’s Vote campaign is today announcing a new date for what is expected to be one of the biggest public protests Britain has ever seen.

This march for our democracy, for our country and for our future will now take place in London on October 19 - just 12 days before Boris Johnson plans to take the UK out of Europe with a ‘scorched earth’ No Deal Brexit that no-one voted for in the last referendum.

The previous date would have seen the march happen a week earlier. But since plans were first unveiled, the campaign has discovered this would have clashed with an annual fundraising event in Hyde Park to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Although the People’s Vote campaign had full permission from the authorities to continue with the march, it was concerned that the vast crowds at its demonstration could have caused congestion or safety issues for children and families travelling back from the event.

The campaign was also determined to do nothing that might undermine fund-raising for a charity that deservedly is one of the best-loved and most respected in Britain – or distract attention from the importance of our march.

The new date of October 19 will give the people of the UK the chance to make their voice heard just 24 hours after the end of the European Council meeting in Brussels - ahead of a tumultuous few days that will have a huge and historic impact on our country’s future.


David Lammy MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“We’ve got a new date for one of the biggest and perhaps most important demonstrations our country has ever seen.

“We’re moving it back a week to October 19 to avoid clashing with a fundraising event organised by the brilliant Great Ormond Street Hospital partly because we don’t want anything to distract attention from our march.

“We’re changing the date because we’re determined to change the course of history. This is a march for our future, our country and our democracy.

“Indeed, this Brexit crisis has now come down to a simple question about whether we live in a democracy: can we allow Boris Johnson to force No Deal - or another scorched earth form of Brexit - on our country, without all of us having our voice heard?


A spokesperson for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity said:

“We’re grateful to the organisers of the People’s Vote march for their consideration in changing the date of their event to Saturday 19thOctober 2019. This means our annual RBC Race for the Kids event, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, can go ahead as planned and raise vital funds to help seriously ill children from across the UK who are cared for at the hospital.”