Campaigners taking to the streets this Saturday to demand People’s Vote - People's Vote

Campaigners taking to the streets this Saturday to demand People’s Vote

Groups campaigning for a People’s Vote will be out in force this Saturday (26 January) for a day of action across the UK.

Activists and supporters from the People’s Vote campaign will take to the streets of their local communities, engaging with members of the public, setting up street stalls, handing out leaflets and arguing the case for the public to be given the final say on Brexit.  

There will be around 100 events in areas up and down the whole UK, in places that voted to leave as well as those that voted to remain.

A larger event will be taking place in Edinburgh, with campaigners as well as cross-party politicians invited to speak.


Genevieve Talon, People’s Vote campaigner from Bournemouth, said:

“This day of action is all about showing the level of grassroots support for a People’s Vote across the country – it’s a fantastic demonstration of our momentum that around 100 events will be taking place across the whole UK, with campaigners engaging with their communities and speaking to people about the need for the public to have the final say on Brexit.

“With Parliament in gridlock, the only way forward is for the politicians in Westminster to hand the decision back to the public through a People’s Vote. Our day of action is all about letting the people have their say, because whichever way you voted in 2016, we can all see that Brexit has become a mess. That’s why the people need to have the final say.” 



Notes to Editors

All events are listed on the People’s Vote website:  

More information about the Edinburgh event can be found here: