Cable – Brexit is undermining good work at British Steel - People's Vote

Cable – Brexit is undermining good work at British Steel

Commenting on British Steel’s request for government support to get through a ‘Brexit-related’ funding crisis, Sir Vince Cable MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Uncertainty over Brexit is destroying jobs and ruining futures all over Britain. Investment is being cancelled, hopes are being dashed, opportunities are being lost. It’s not just in the high-profile cases like British Steel that the Brexit mess is doing damage. It’s in public services, like the hospitals unable to fill staff vacancies, and in the small businesses unable to win the export orders that would otherwise be in the bag.

“I personally spent a lot of time as Business Secretary working with British Steel to rebuild its competitiveness. It is tragic that the entirely self-inflicted damage of Brexit is undermining all the good work of the work force and the company.

“It is now essential we get a road map out of the Brexit crisis and it is clearer than ever that, with Parliament deadlocked and with the Cabinet out of ideas, the only solution is a People’s Vote.

“Now that we know that any Brexit will break the promises made in 2016, leave us with a massive bill, make the country worse off and leave us following rules over which we have no say, it is only fair and democratic that the public are given the final say on Brexit in a People’s Vote.”