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Bryant – Terms of Brexit debate have fundamentally shifted

Two important new constitutional and legal opinions on Brexit have been published today. First, the Advocate General of the ECJ suggested the UK can unilaterally revoke its notification to leave the EU under the Article 50 process. And second, a new report was published by the People’s Vote campaign, with a foreword by Dominic Grieve QC and Chris Bryant, setting out how MPs can prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Commenting, Chris Bryant MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:  

“The terms of the Brexit debate have today fundamentally shifted.

“The Government has long argued that the choice is between their deal and no deal. But the statement this morning from the EU Advocate General shows the option of staying in the EU is still open to us, and that the far better deal we have negotiated with Europe over nearly half a century of membership would remain intact.

“MPs from across the House and Cabinet ministers, have now made clear that Parliament will not support a no deal Brexit. As a new report from the People’s Vote campaign shows, the political and legal realities of this process mean it would be all but impossible for the executive to force a ‘no deal’ Brexit on a House of Commons which is so clearly opposed to such an outcome.

“So the real choice is now clear: a Brexit deal negotiated by the Government, or staying in the EU. It is imperative that the final say on this is handed back to the public – because only the people of the United Kingdom can sort this out.

“As MPs begin this most crucial of debates over the future of our country, they must today look at Brexit with fresh eyes and not be fooled by the false choice ministers are trying to present them with.”



Notes to Editors

The full People’s Vote report, Why Voting Against the Brexit Deal Won’t Lead to No Deal, can be read here.

The full legal opinion from the Advocate General can be read here: