Britain’s 300,000 apprentices join the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal - People's Vote

Britain’s 300,000 apprentices join the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal

Representatives of the rising generation of British workers have today thrown their weight behind the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, joining with student campaigners For our Future’s Sake (FFS) to build a campaign bloc that will, for the first time, unite young people in work and in college against the Westminster’s elite’s Brexit plans.

And youth campaigners from Our Future, Our Choice (OFOC) are running a series of rallies and debates at every major university and plan to visit over 80 areas that voted to Leave by the end of October.

This news comes just hours after the People’s Vote campaign issued new polling that shows young people are turning against Brexit and backing a People’s Vote in ever larger numbers.

The National Society of Apprentices (NSOA) – which represents 300,000 apprentices across all sectors and industries and every part of the UK – has declared its support for the People’s Vote campaign and is joining forces with student campaigners For our Future’s Sake (FFS) to build a joint campaign to for a People’s Vote.

NSOA stated:

We at NSOA support a People's Vote because we support the best for apprentices.


In the NSOA we have decided, like many in the UK, that Brexit is unlikeable and unpredictable. There are many unanswered questions when it comes to Brexit and the national society are worried about the impact it will have on apprentices.

Simon Hawthorn, NSOA leadership team member and apprentice project manager in the transport sector from England, says:

“Apprentices work across all Industries. They are often found on building sites, in shops, engineering firms and manufacturing bases, even in your own office. Yet apprentices are often forgotten when it comes to complex negotiations. There is no bigger negotiation going on than Brexit full-stop, and it will have an enormous impact on apprentices; affecting where they can work, their education, their families and friends. The damage that Brexit will do to the economy will be felt across the nation and its future leaders and citizens of this country. Apprentices have to stand up for what is right. This is why I support the campaign.”

Sarah McCluney, NSOA Leadership Team member and a mechanic from Northern Ireland, says:

“Brexit is a big threat in the mainland UK but maybe even more so in Northern Ireland. A country that has had problems in the past with tensions about the border is getting thrown into the hands of politicians in Westminster that don't really care about or know what the people in Northern Ireland want. People and Apprentices in the North of Ireland want job security, where many that live at the border work and travel to the South of Ireland and vice versa every day. What will happen to them if there is a hard border? No one knows yet, and that's a problem.”

NSOA are now working to build a unified campaign with FFS, marking the first time that students in further and higher education will be working with representatives of apprentices on a combined campaign for a People’s Vote.

For our Future’s Sake, a youth and student-led organisation - which is part of the People’s Vote campaign - will be mobilising students and young people across 100 university and college campuses during the ‘Welcome’ period for the new academic year.

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, Co-Founder of For our Future's Sake says:

"Students are organising in 100 universities and colleges for a People's Vote because they know it's the fight of their lives. Brexit will hit young people and students the hardest, for the longest. That's why in every major university and college, students are organising, and the elite politicians in Westminster need to listen."

Lara Spirit, co-president of OFOC, said:

“Young people are mobilising like never before. We are growing a grassroots network of activists that spans both major university campuses but also several regions that voted heavily to Leave. Young people across all walks of life are united in their opposition to Brexit - they do not want to inherit and live with this mess.”

Earlier today the People’s Vote campaign issued new polling (attached) of young people which showed the swing of support towards a People’s Vote is accelerating.

The poll shows that 18-24-year old voters support demands for a People’s Vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations by a margin of well over two-to-one - 52 to 22 per cent or 70 to 30 per cent once “don’t knows” are removed.

Two years ago, the 18-24-year-old group as a whole voted for Remain by a margin of 71 to 29 per cent. Now, that margin has increased to 78 to 22 per cent, largely because of the surge of new voters on to the electoral register.


Today’s YouGov survey also reveals that young voters are overwhelmingly likely to cite Brexit as the most important issue facing Britain and this group would be significantly more inclined to back Labour at the next general election if the party threw its weight behind demands for a public vote. A total of 42 per cent say it would make them more likely to vote Labour - against just 7 per cent who it would make them less likely.