Brexit Sell Out Warning Sent To Every Labour MP - People's Vote

Brexit Sell Out Warning Sent To Every Labour MP

The People’s Vote campaign has tonight (Thursday) published the report it is distributing to every Labour MP that warns them not to trust Boris Johnson if he attempts to bounce them into backing some sort of Brexit deal. 

Ahead of Labour’s annual conference, which begins in Brighton this weekend, senior figures from all wings of the party are urging any MP feeling tempted to resist supporting Johnson over Brexit:  they will be helping the Tory Prime Minister and his Downing Street machine complete a “nightmare” right-wing political project the campaign cautions.

The report – entitled “Selling Us Out: Boris Johnson’s Real Plan for Brexit Britain” – sets out in detail the intellectual origins of Johnson’s vision in the world of right wing thinktanks, as well as the consequences of his Brexit for jobs, the funding of public services, the future of the NHS and the UK’s ability to tackle global emergencies like climate change.


In her preface to the dossier, Margaret Beckett MP, co-chair of the People’s Vote campaign’s Political Committee and former Foreign Secretary, says:

"No one should trust Boris Johnson when he says he wants a Brexit Deal. But nor should anyone trust him if he does eventually come back with some sort of deal. Indeed, any MP who might be tempted to back it needs to recognise the likelihood that a Johnson Brexit will destroy jobs, undermine public services and usher in the kind of offshore deregulated pirate economy which is the stuff of right-wing Tory dreams - and our nightmares. That is certainly the aim of his supporters ,who would love t to claim Labour support - and blame us afterwards for the consequences."


Responding to the report’s publication, Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“I know some Labour MPs are saying they want to vote for a deal to end this Brexit crisis. But a Boris Johnson Brexit deal would be the culmination of a decade-long project which is of the right, by the right and for the right. Any deal he negotiates will mean the deregulation of our economy, a race to the bottom in standards, less money for our public services and our NHS put up for sale to US companies. I hope Labour MPs will stay united in defence of our values and back a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal: which is the only way democratic way to solve this crisis.”


In his introduction to the report, Paul Mason, the left-wing campaigner who organised the recent Stop the Coup protests, says:

“Wounded and desperate, Boris Johnson is now scrambling for a plan B. The media seem desperate to celebrate it and shell-shocked MPs say they may vote for literally any deal he can produce.

“Make no mistake that this would make a Canada-style free trade agreement a reality. A Canadian-style deal is not about Mounties and free health care. It is where a right-wing assault on the public services and the protections we hold dear would begin.

“It should be inconceivable that any Labour MP or, indeed, a Conservative who cares about the national interest, could ever vote for it. Johnson well knows the British people wouldn’t vote for this agenda.”