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Bradshaw – Whatever Raab thinks, ministers’ patriotic duty is to obey the law

The Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, this morning claimed that the question of how to respond to the law blocking a No Deal crash out from Europe was “political” rather than a matter of obeying the law.

He told the BBC’s Today Programme: “The precise implications of the legislation need to be looked at. Looking at it politically, this is a very flawed piece of legislation.”


Responding, Ben Bradshaw MP, former Cabinet Minister and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

Whatever Dominic Raab might think, obeying the law is not a matter of politics, or a question for debate. It is an absolute duty for all ministers. 

Ministers like Raab, who suggest that, for them, obeying the law is discretionary, are fuelling the growing unease in the country about this government’s undemocratic behaviour.

“The correct, patriotic, thing to do is to let our MPs sit in Parliament, to respect the independence of the courts and to obey the law. Boris Johnson and his ministers have instead suspended Parliament, attacked the courts and now say the obeying the law is a question of debate. No wonder more and more people, including many Conservatives, are rejecting this government’s undemocratic approach to Brexit. 

We cannot trust Boris Johnson and his government to respect the rule of law, we cannot trust him to make the right decisions on Brexit. Instead we should take Brexit out of the hands of politicians and give it back to the people in a final say referendum.”