Bradshaw – We want a People’s Vote, not a bung from Jeremy Hunt - People's Vote

Bradshaw – We want a People’s Vote, not a bung from Jeremy Hunt

Commenting on Jeremy Hunt’s pledge to spend billion subsidising farming and fishing in the event of a destructive No Deal, former fisheries minister Ben Bradshaw MP, said:

“Jeremy Hunt’s promise to spend billions trying to protect our farming and fishing sectors from the impact of No Deal is another admission such an outcome would be an economic disaster for thousands of businesses and millions of people.

“Farming and fishing communities were promised Brexit would be only good news for them and now they are being told that it will be so bad that they will have to live on money doled out by the Treasury.

“They don’t want to be turned into dependents on the state and the rest of us don’t want to have to pay for this mess. It is an outrage against democracy that all this is being threatened, not to build a consensus in the country, but to win the support of the 0.25% of voters who are members of the Conservative Party.

“We do not want promises of bungs, bribes and bail-outs. It's not just farming and fishing that face disaster: hundreds of thousands of other jobs are under threat. What we demand is that the public are given the final say. Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson need to have the courage of their convictions on Brexit. Give us a People’s Vote, not bungs,  on any Brexit outcome."