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Bradshaw – Stop wasting money on ‘no deal’ prep

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt this morning said that Parliament was able to stop a no deal Brexit.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Jeremy Hunt says that Parliament has the power to stop a no deal Brexit and is minded to do so.

“That surely means every penny now being spent on so-called ‘preparations’ – from the fiasco of the Kent lorry queue to the ferry company with no boats, no staff and no sailings – is being wasted.

“At a time when our schools are at risk of running out of money, our health service is under record pressure and the police are dealing with a wave of violent crime, spending billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in a desperate attempt to scare MPs into voting for the Government’s Brexit deal is totally unacceptable.

“The Government should immediately halt the farce of no deal prep, allocate the money to services people want and need and break the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit by handing this decision back to the people.”