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Bradshaw – restrictions on freedom of movement are the last thing the NHS needs

The Government are to publish their Immigration White Paper today (Wednesday) and are expected to restrict immigration on the basis of salary while claiming this is a skills-based criterion.

Doctors and nurses routinely earn less than the expected £30,000 limit and it is feared that the new regime could severely limit the NHS’s ability to recruit key staff.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, former health minister and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Placing barriers on the employment of doctors, nurses and other staff is the last thing the NHS needs.

“Nothing more clearly shows the way in which freedom to move for work in Europe benefits the people of Britain than its positive impact in the health service. Since the referendum the exodus of EU citizens from the NHS has helped make winter crises a permanent fixture and now the Government is proposing measures that will make long trolley waits, huge numbers of cancelled operations and endless queuing in the GP’s waiting room the all-year-round new normal for the NHS.

“Instead of the promised £350 million a week for the NHS we are getting measures that will damage the health service. What was promised in the last referendum can’t be delivered and instead we are being asked to accept a much worse deal than the deal we’ve already got in the EU.

“The reality of Brexit is we’ve agreed to pay a £50 billion divorce bill, with the prospect of even more payments stretching into the future, but the UK has so far secured nothing in return.

“Only the public can sort this mess out and that is why we need a People’s Vote.”