Bradshaw – Reports from Cabinet show Britain headed for “miserable” Brexit - People's Vote

Bradshaw – Reports from Cabinet show Britain headed for “miserable” Brexit

Reports from yesterday’s Cabinet meeting suggest the Government’s Brexit plan includes the possibility of a long-running, multi-year transition period extension.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Reports from yesterday's Cabinet meeting show the UK is headed for a miserable departure from the EU that no-one voted for. An extended period of limbo half-in and half-out of the EU will satisfy no-one, including businesses who desperately need to plan ahead. We could be headed for years of the UK following EU rules without a say on them and likely paying billions for the privilege.

“Meanwhile, ideological Brexiters clearly hope they can drag the UK out of the EU blindfolded and then tear up any agreement later to pursue something more extreme.

“A choice between no deal and a bad deal is no choice at all. That’s why more and more MPs are deciding to give the public a real choice over our country’s future with a People’s Vote on the outcome of this botched Brexit process.”