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Bradshaw – Raab can offer nothing new on Brexit

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, and the UK’s Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, this afternoon held a joint press conference in Brussels after several hours of negotiation.

No concrete progress was announced.


Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“To coin a phrase the Prime Minister might use, ‘nothing has changed’ when it comes to the state of Brexit negotiations.

“Dominic Raab may say he is more confident about reaching agreement, but he can offer nothing concrete. He knows that the EU27 are not buying the Chequers car crash – a proposal designed around the need hold a fractured Government together and not on the economic interest and well-being of either the UK or the European Union.

“We are left with three choices – the Government compromises further with the EU and washes away its red lines and divides the Conservative Party; the Government persuades the EU to agree to a ‘blind Brexit’ that puts off all the big decisions; or we crash out with a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

“None of these options commands majority support in Parliament. None put jobs or the economy first. All would be wrong for the UK. Whether people backed Leave or Remain, nobody voted for this mess and the Government has no right to force any of it on us. That is why, whatever the Government brings back from the negotiations, we must have a People’s Vote.”