Bradshaw – Prime Minister’s evidence confirms Britain getting weaker thanks to Brexit - People's Vote

Bradshaw – Prime Minister’s evidence confirms Britain getting weaker thanks to Brexit

The Prime Minister gave evidence on Brexit to the House of Commons Liaison Committee this morning.

Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

In her evidence time and time again, Theresa May confirmed that after two years of negotiations, all we really know about our future relationship is a vague ‘political declaration’ and a “backstop” that leaves us in an even weaker negotiating position. From the backstop to air travel to security, she could offer nothing concrete, and the idea that her deal would at least mean everyone can stop talking about Brexit is yet another fantasy.

“Despite paying a £50 billion divorce bill, most of the major decisions have been postponed until after we’ve left, leaving us in an even weaker negotiating position than we are in now. This ‘blindfold Brexit’ would mean the debate about our relationship with the EU will go on forever, because all the big questions are still unanswered and successive governments will continue efforts to make sense of a deal that makes no sense for Britain.

“We are a million miles away from what we were promised. Far from taking back control we face being reduced to begging from crumbs from the EU’s table.

“The hearing veered towards the bizarre when the Prime Minister claimed that extending Article 50 to give the people a final say on her proposal would be to renegotiate the deal. Not only is that wholly wrong, it suggests that, with no majority in Parliament for any sort of Brexit, the Prime Minister is becoming increasingly desperate in her search for arguments to resist a People’s Vote.

“Nobody voted for a weaker Britain, for a poorer country with less power and influence. But that is what this deal delivers. The people deserve better than a choice between her miserable deal and a no deal disaster. They want the chance to reject her deal and keep our rights as full members of the European Union. They want a People’s Vote.”