Bradshaw - Lib Dem poll surge a warning to Labour over fence sitting - People's Vote

Bradshaw - Lib Dem poll surge a warning to Labour over fence sitting

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson is expected today (Monday) to use a speech marking the 25th anniversary of John Smith’s death to say he believes that the late Labour leader would have been a strong advocate of a People’s Vote. 

Meanwhile a YouGov poll on voting intentions for the European Parliamentary elections published today puts Labour just 1% ahead of the Lib Dems.


Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Tom Watson is right to say that Labour’s approach to the Brexit crisis should be guided by an outward-looking patriotism.

“And he is right to support a People’s Vote on Brexit. It is the only way to resolve the impasse we face in Parliament, and the only way the country can begin to heal and move on.

“It is also good to see Keir Starmer speaking up for the vast majority of Labour MPs, members and voters in supporting a confirmatory vote on any Brexit deal. It is long past time we had greater clarity and consistency on this issue. 

“Today’s YouGov poll, showing a surge towards the Lib Dems with the Labour vote falling, is a stark warning about what will happen if we continue to give the impression that we are trying to sit on the fence.

“We now know that all the promises that were made during the referendum campaign in 2016 will be broken and any Brexit will have real costs for jobs, public services and opportunities for future generations. That is why it is only fair and democratic that the people get to make the final decision about whether we go ahead with Brexit.”