Bradshaw – Cornwall and Devon face special risks from botched Brexit - People's Vote

Bradshaw – Cornwall and Devon face special risks from botched Brexit

Cornwall and Devon’s high level of exports to the EU mean the counties’ economies are at special risk from a bad Brexit deal – with farmers west of the Tamar the most at risk in the whole of the UK to the loss of markets and the impact that will have on their incomes. 

These are amongst the findings of a new report into the regional impact of Brexit being highlighted by Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw.

The report – An Equal Exit? – has been published by the influential Institute for Public Policy Research ( It examines how Brexit could hit wages and exports to the EU.

The report points out that regional economies outside London could be particular hard hit and with 90% of Cornwall’s food and live animals exports going to the EU, it is the top of the list of at-risk regions for agriculture.

The report shows how over 50% of Devon’s exports go the EU – compared to under 40% for Somerset and Dorset – and it too is particularly exposed.


Commenting, Ben Bradshaw MP, said:

“Brexit, especially now it is clear the negotiations are a mess and we are heading for a bad deal or no deal, threatens to hit the English regions hard, and Cornwall and Devon could both be amongst the worst affected.

“It’s not just the people who work in the jobs that will be hit who are being left with an uncertain future – it’s all the families and communities, from the post offices to rural primary schools – that will be hurt if the jobs start to disappear or wages start to decline.

“Nobody here voted to be worse off because of Brexit and as the details of the risks and costs that are a result of the mess the Government have made of the negotiations comes to light, more and more people are joining the demand for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”