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Boothroyd – the fight for democracy is only just beginning

Commenting on the decision of the House of Commons decision to pass a Bill effectively blocking the Prime Minister’s drive to force a vicious No Deal on the country, Lady (Betty) Boothroyd, former Speaker of the Commons, said:

“I have not been too well recently and am under doctor’s orders to rest. But I just cannot stand by and do nothing when so much bad stuff is happening in our politics.

“So far, those who believe in democracy are standing strong and holding firm.

“As a former Speaker of the House of Commons I am so proud of all those MPs from all sides in Parliament who been willing to put our country first, even at the risk to their own careers. 

“In historic votes last night and tonight they have voted to stop Boris Johnson’s undemocratic No Deal, coming together across party lines to tell the Government they cannot use Brexit to divide our parliament from the people.

“But the battle is now going to become more intense. We know the Government is spending £100 million on propaganda for No Deal. We know they will use every dirty trick in the book to force their Brexit on us.

“The fight to protect our democracy is only just beginning.”