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Berger – Neither Corbyn nor May can negotiate a better deal

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s comments on Brexit, Luciana Berger MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn is right to say that the Brexit deal on offer is a bad one. It will leave us worse off, with less control and will not match the promises that were made in the 2016 referendum.

“But he is wrong to suggest that either he or Theresa May can negotiate a better Brexit deal. No Brexit deal will match the promises made in 2016 because no one can keep promises that are contradictory. Any Brexit will be a much worse deal than the one we’ve already got as members of the EU.

“When Parliament votes down the deal the only other choices will be ‘no deal’ or a People’s Vote. No renegotiations are on offer and the EU have been clear that the Irish backstop is unavoidable in all circumstances. It’s time Labour took its head out of the sand on this.

“All the evidence shows that Labour voters and Labour members are at one in their support of a People’s Vote. It’s time the leadership stopped hiding behind process and faced up to the scale of the crisis and took the side of the people.

“A gridlocked Parliament cannot sort out this mess. Only the people can do that.”