Beckett – Johnson will discover he cannot do a deal because no-one trusts him - People's Vote

Beckett – Johnson will discover he cannot do a deal because no-one trusts him

Commenting on reports that Boris Johnson is now supporting a Northern Ireland-only Backstop as a way of clinching a deal over Brexit, Margaret Beckett MP, co-chair of the People’s Vote political committee, said:

“Boris Johnson’s latest and desperate crisis-driven lurch will see him attempt to revive talks about a Brexit deal that only days ago were dismissed by his chief adviser as a ‘sham’.

“With just weeks left before the Brexit deadline, having cut the negotiating team down to just four civil servants, and with senior members of the Cabinet resigning in protest at Johnson’s failure to take a deal seriously, he now hopes to create one out thin air to save his skin.

“According to press reports, he seems to be banking on an idea – a Northern Ireland-only backstop – that Theresa May rejected out-of-hand because she knew it would mean dire consequences for the peace process and the Union.

“As he embarks on his latest Brexit adventure, he will discover he is not trusted by European leaders, any more than he is trusted by MPs, ministers and members of the public in the UK. Added to that list now will be the DUP who, having kept the Conservatives in power for the past two years, are now being tossed aside.    

“They are learning the same lesson that so many others have over the years: Boris Johnson will always put his personal interests ahead of everything else.

 “Let us trust the people, and not Boris Johnson, to solve this Brexit crisis. Let us have a final say referendum on Brexit that will bring clarity about the way forward. Let us be heard.”