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Beckett – Johnson's proposed deal will hit living standards and public services

Commenting on publication today by The UK in a Changing Europe of its new report on the economic impact of Boris Johnson's Brexit proposals, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

"Until now, most of the media's attention has focused on what Boris Johnson's proposals would mean for Northern Ireland and the destabilistation they would cause to the peace process.

"But this report shows Boris Johnson is trying to railroad through a Brexit plan that would have a devastating impact on living standards, funding for public services, businesses and jobs or the rest of the United Kingdom too. This report shows income per capita will be £2,000 lower as a result of Boris Johnson's deal. That is £2,000 a year for every man woman and child in the UK, as trade and productivity drops. 

"The kind of deal previously proposed by Theresa May would have left the UK significantly worse off and an ever-growing number of MPs from all parties concluded that it would be wrong to impose this on the people without going back to them to check that they still want to go ahead.

"But on every test - trade, productivity and growth - Boris Johnson's proposals are worse than those of Theresa May which were rejected three times by the House of Commons. It would cost public finances between £41-49 billion a year, leaving families worse off, business bankrupt, schools and hospitals underfunded, and people out of work. 

"No matter how people voted in the last referendum, nobody voted for that. Depending on how talks go with the EU over the next few days, there may or may not be deal with the EU. But, by no stretch of the imagination, could anyone pretend this is a 'soft Brexit'. Instead, it is one designed to fulfil the wildest fantasies of the reckless, rich and right-wing elite who have helped fund Boris Johnson's political ambitions.

"Now we know the real cost of the kind of Brexit Boris Johnson is proposing, the only fair and democratic way to solve this crisis is to let the people decide in a final say referendum."



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The UK in a Changing Europe report "The economic impact of Boris Johnson's Brexit Proposals", published today, can be found here: