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Beckett – Johnson’s behaviour is both childish and dangerous

Responding to Boris Johnson’s refusal to sign the letter to the European Council requesting an extension to Article 50, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee said:

“Boris Johnson’s behaviour is both childish and dangerous.

“Refusing to sign a letter he is required by law to send is something worthy of a ten-year-old, not the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It only adds to the damage that Brexit has done to our country’s international reputation.

“The Benn Safeguard Act was passed to ensure our country wasn’t trapped into a No Deal exit and that risk hasn’t gone away. Johnson’s Brexit can only proceed if Parliament passes a raft of laws and the EU, including the European Parliament, ratify it by October 31. No one serious believes that is likely and there is still a real danger that we will crash out with nothing.

“But the biggest myth of all remains the boast by Johnson that his plan will ‘get Brexit done’. Johnson’s plans just push the No Deal cliff edge to the end of 2020 and give him and his hard right friends a free hand to deregulate the rules that protect workers’ rights, the environment and food and consumer standards. 

“All of this is a million miles from anything proposed in 2016 and that is why it is only fair and democratic that we have a People’s Vote.”