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Beckett – Brexit crisis has now reached a dangerous new phase

Downing Street have published a read-out of a conversation this morning between Boris Johnson and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, suggesting a deal with the EU is now “overwhelmingly unlikely” and “impossible not just now but ever”

Commenting, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

“The Brexit crisis has now reached a dangerous new phase – Boris Johnson has effectively decided to collapse talks with the EU and instead head at full speed towards a disastrous No Deal. This is not what anyone voted for in the 2016 referendum, but there are no promises Boris Johnson won’t break.

“The IFS and HMRC today confirmed No Deal would be a disaster for the economy, for jobs and for living standards and we know it will risk supplies of food and medicine and the security of our country. It would mean the Brexit crisis dragging on for years to come, with the UK left in a much weaker negotiating position, desperately trying to put our shattered relationships with our friends and allies in Europe back together from scratch. But the wreckers in Downing Street don’t care about any of that. They will not be the ones left to pick up the pieces.

“With the Brexit crisis spiralling even further out of control, it’s time to bring an end to this in the only democratic and fair way  – give the people the final say and let us all decide where we want our country to go from here. That’s why huge numbers will be marching through London on October 19th, demanding a People’s Vote.”



Notes to editors

The read-out from Downing Street can be read here.