Beckett – any Brexit deal must be put to the people - People's Vote

Beckett – any Brexit deal must be put to the people

Commenting on today’s debate in the House of Commons, Dame Margaret Beckett MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Theresa May has failed three times to get her deal through Parliament and force it on the British people: which is why MPs are now, at long last, looking at other forms of Brexit that could off-set some of the damage to our economy.

“But such alternatives are still bound to leave millions of voters disappointed or disillusioned because any version of Brexit will break many of the promises made in the last referendum, cause real costs to our economy or to our sovereignty, and continue the chaos of endless negotiations.

“I’m happy to vote for options like a customs union today because they deserve proper scrutiny.  But they’re unlikely to command a stable majority in Parliament unless they are attached to much longer extension that allows enough time for them to be properly scrutinised and negotiated – while not precluding a new public vote.

“In the end, MPs will probably decide on some version of a Brexit deal to avoid a ‘no deal’ departure. But I - and many other MPs - will only support it on condition that the British people get to decide on it too. A People’s Vote is not an option in the Brexit crisis, it is the solution to the crisis.”