Beckett – A general election is no way to solve the Brexit crisis - People's Vote

Beckett – A general election is no way to solve the Brexit crisis

Commenting on the question of holding a People’s Vote ahead of a general election, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

“A general election is no way to solve the Brexit crisis.

“Leavers and Remainers alike are angry that Boris Johnson’s Brexit dominates the agenda, day after day, with the country going round in circles, divided at home, ridiculed abroad. The problem is that the real world of today has caught up with the false promises and the easy slogans of three years ago.

“There is no easy way out. But we have to find one. We cannot go on like this. The division and the decline must stop.

“The chaos has to be brought to an end. Chaos or closure: that is the choice we must confront. It is a choice too big to be left to a cut and run election where all the other things that matter like the NHS, the environment, education and cutting crime would be confused with the Brexit crisis – and which could result in another hung parliament.

“A final say referendum is the only fair and democratic route out of this embarrassing shambles. If the public confirm their support for Brexit, then it can go ahead automatically. Alternatively, the people can instead decide that, knowing what we do now, they want to stay in the EU and play our full part in reforming it.

“A People’s Vote would put a stop to an otherwise never-ending Brexit debate and allow us to start dealing with all the priorities that have been ignored in the last three years. That is why hundreds of thousands will be marching together for a final say in London on 19 October.”