Bebb- “This is about much more than a crisis in the Conservative Party” - People's Vote

Bebb- “This is about much more than a crisis in the Conservative Party”

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s press conference, Guto Bebb, Conservative MP and former defence minister, said:

“This isn’t just a crisis within the Conservative Party. And this isn’t just a story about who’s in or who’s out in the Cabinet.

It’s one that affects us all. Whether it’s a no deal Brexit or this deal, the result would be the same: a miserable outcome for the UK that threatens business confidence, the NHS and the future of young people.

“The current proposal satisfies no-one and a series of opinion polls have shown that support for it is ebbing away in the country as well as in Parliament. MPs must now ask themselves if this is better than the deal we’ve already got as members of the EU. If they cannot look constituents in the eye and say it is, they must vote this deal down and then hand the final decision back to the public.

“Both the Prime Minister and the President of the European Council have now confirmed that stopping this deal could mean that the UK continues to have the deal we already have inside the EU. Indeed, many people who supported Leave have now concluded that giving the public the chance to have their say is better than ploughing ahead with this deal.”