Bebb - People’s Vote campaign will support “take back control” amendments - People's Vote

Bebb - People’s Vote campaign will support “take back control” amendments

The People’s Vote campaign is urging supporters to write to their MPs backing “take back control” amendments tabled by Dominic Grieve, Rachel Reeves, Caroline Spelman and Yvette Cooper.

All four of these measures, if approved on Tuesday, would strengthen MPs who want to stand up for the national interest in preventing a catastrophic no deal Brexit and forcing the Government to request Article 50 be extended.


Guto Bebb MP, the former Defence Minister and a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“None of these amendments would, in themselves, bring about a People’s Vote and all of them will gain votes from MPs who currently do not support our campaign. But they would give Parliament the time and space it needs, without the threat of a deadline or no deal, to make an honest assessment of different versions of Brexit.

“It is surely right that these are given serious consideration and that they are subject to the same minimal standards of scrutiny that has led so many MPs already to conclude they could not support the Government’s plan.

“We believe there is no form of Brexit that can fulfil the promises made in 2016, represents a better deal than the one we’ve got inside Europe or will prevent this crisis going on forever. When every route to Brexit has been examined and exhausted will it become clear the only way forward is to hand the final decision back to the British public through a People’s Vote.”