Bebb – ministers cannot force broken Brexit on people of Britain - People's Vote

Bebb – ministers cannot force broken Brexit on people of Britain

Commenting on the Speaker’s ruling, Guto Bebb MP, leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“The Government have had two-and-three-quarter years to sort this out. It told us getting a deal would be the easiest thing ever but all it has been able to deliver is a mess that is reducing our great country to the status of a laughing stock.

“Amid the fresh chaos and confusion in Westminster, what is desperately needed now is clarity. First, to stop us crashing out of the European Union with an accidental ‘no deal’ exit. Then, to get an extension where the Government and the EU can work out what Brexit means so they can deliver a proper plan for what happens next.

“It is inconceivable now for ministers to carry on trying to force this broken Brexit deal on the people of the United Kingdom. Instead, there is now the chance to find a compromise solution which would mean MPs recognising that no matter how they slice or dice Brexit, any deal will inevitably disappoint so many people – from all sides of this argument – it must be confirmed in a ballot of the people before it goes ahead.

“That why hundreds of thousands of people will march on Parliament on Saturday,  demanding that whatever MPs decide, it’s only fair to put it to the people.”