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Bebb – Many Conservatives will choose to put country ahead of party

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson today resigned as party leader north of the border, while Lord Young, who first served as a minister in 1979, also quit.

Commenting, Guto Bebb MP, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

The decision of Ruth Davidson and Lord Young to resign from their posts today sends a terrible message to the country about today’s Conservative Party.

Our party is becoming increasingly ideologically obsessed, narrowly focused on a nationalist agenda which leaves millions of voters particularly, but far from exclusively, in Scotland and Wales, outside the Conservative tent.

Those of us who care about the Conservative Party and who have pride in its history and achievements as the party of prosperity and opportunity for all, as the party that stood in solidarity with democrats and believers in liberty across Europe in both war and peace, and as the party that stood for a strong United Kingdom find ourselves in an increasingly difficult position.

As Conservatives we prize loyalty. But it has become increasingly clear that our loyalty must be to our party’s long-term values and not to the man who leads the party at this time. We have to stand up for democracy, to put the national interest first and to stand firm against an undemocratic No Deal. 

It has never been more essential for Conservatives to take a stand even if that means we have to make it in opposition to the party’s leader.

I will be using my vote in Parliament next week to do that. I know many of my Conservative colleagues, many of whom have never before defied the official whip of the party leadership, will be doing the same. We will do so because we are Conservatives in our party’s greatest traditions: Conservatives who will always put nation ahead of party.”