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Bebb – Jeremy Hunt needs to outline his alternative plan

Current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned that pursuing a “no deal” Brexit would be “political suicide” for the Conservative Party, while former Foreign Secretary William Hague has written in the Daily Telegraph that it might not be possible to leave the EU on 31 October and that the shifting politics of Westminster mean that the Government will need to look for cross-party support for any approach it takes.

Commenting, Guto Bebb, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It is encouraging that Jeremy Hunt has joined other senior Conservatives who recognise that attempting to impose a No Deal Brexit on Britain without the consent of either Parliament or the people would be a disaster for our party, for our democracy and our country.

“Policies should be set in the national interest, not on the basis of what appeals to the minority of association members including a number of entryists from other parties who will pick our next leader.

“But Jeremy Hunt needs to do more than admire the problem. He needs to tell Conservative MPs and members as well as the country at large what his alternative plan is. Simply saying that he can go to Brussels and magically negotiate a better deal, will infuriate the EU which has heard all this before over the past three years and won’t wash with the voters.

“William Hague was much nearer the mark this morning when he warned that we should not fetishise 31 October as an unmissable date to leave and said: ‘It will become extremely difficult to deliver any form of Brexit without, one way or another, going back to the electorate.’

“For Conservatives who want to prevent No Deal, to build a stable a majority in Parliament and a lasting settlement in the country, the only way out of this chaos is a fair and democratic People’s Vote on Brexit.” 


William Hague’s article can be read here: