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Bebb – Exchange of letters alters nothing

The UK Government and the EU have today exchanged letters relating to the Northern Ireland backstop. 

Research by the People’s Vote campaign shows that of the more than 100 Conservative MPs publicly opposed to the Government’s Brexit deal, over 90 have cited concerns other than the backstop.


Responding to the exchange of letters, Guto Bebb MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It is very clear that this exchange of letters alters absolutely nothing of substance in the Withdrawal Agreement. This is purely a cosmetic exercise.

“In any case, the objections of MPs on all sides of the Commons to the deal stretch well beyond the backstop. Analysis by the People’s Vote campaign shows more than 90 per cent of Conservative MPs who are opposed to the deal are opposed for reasons beyond the backstop.

“And that is not surprising because ultimately this is not just about the backstop – the Government’s deal is a bad deal, full stop. The deal does not match the promises made for Brexit and will hurt our economy and damage trade, and the Government’s own assessment shows it will leave us worse off.

“It is a much worse outcome than our current deal as full members of the EU with a vote, a voice and veto and will land us with a £50 billion divorce bill in return. It will make us subject to rules over which we have no say.

“The deal would mean we face a ‘Brexternity’ of endless negotiations as the Political Declaration has no legal force and settles absolutely nothing.

“MPs must not allow themselves to be bullied or cajoled into voting for a deal they know is bad for Britain and is supported by barely one in five voters. If they do, they will regret it for the rest of their lives.”


Notes to Editors

The letters can be read in full here.