Bebb – Boris Johnson’s support from 0.1% is no sort of mandate for No Deal - People's Vote

Bebb – Boris Johnson’s support from 0.1% is no sort of mandate for No Deal

Commenting on the outcome of the Conservative leadership election, Guto Bebb, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

Boris Johnson has achieved his life’s ambition and it would be churlish not to congratulate him on that. 

But his 92,153 votes – just 0.1% of the population – cannot possibly count as any sort of mandate for the extreme Brexit or No Deal crash-out he repeatedly tells us he wants. 

Neither option has ever been put to the people or could possibly be seen as a legitimate, democratic outcome of the Brexit process. Nor would either offer any sort of closure but would instead guarantee years of economic chaos, argument and wrangling over the shape of our final relationship with the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson’s approach to Brexit lacks any coherence. In the last three years he has made a multitude of contradictory and confused promises about what he wants and how he would get it. Now the music has stopped he will have to deliver and will quickly find that not even the most erudite of aphorisms will resolve the complexities.

Perhaps then he too will join the growing number of my colleagues on the Conservative benches who have come to conclude, some with reluctance, others with enthusiasm, that the only way to end this crisis to give the final say on Brexit back to the people.

More and more Conservatives, whether they support leaving or staying in the European Union, recognise that a People’s Vote is the pragmatic, democratic and sensible way to get closure. Such a vote will mean making a choice between two clearly defined options: either staying in the EU or leaving on the precise terms agreed by Boris Johnson’s Government. It alone will allow the Conservative Party to close the book on this chapter of our party’s history and move on.”