Bebb – Boris Johnson appears terrified of talking to the country he aspires to lead - People's Vote

Bebb – Boris Johnson appears terrified of talking to the country he aspires to lead

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to become the next Prime Minister, is still studiously dodging any real scrutiny. He is yet to confirm whether he’ll appear in a Channel 4 TV debate scheduled for Sunday, despite all the other candidates already agreeing to appear. This also flies in the face of an interview he gave to Sky News in September 2018 when he said "My feeling is that they [TV debates] are essential and the public does need to see interchange between their potential leaders.”

Commenting, Guto Bebb MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson used to say TV debates are essential but he now appears terrified of talking to the people of a country he aspires to lead. That’s because he doesn’t want to answer questions about the kind of Brexit he is planning to inflict on us all. 

“It is a democratic outrage that he has only taken six questions from the media since he launched his leadership campaign when he is contemplating a plan to railroad through Parliament a destructive No Deal. He never mentioned that three years ago in the last referendum, he won’t explain himself now, but still says he is determined to stop the British people having the final say on Brexit through a new public vote. 

“Instead, all he cares about is the 0.25 per cent of the electorate who have votes in the Conservative Party leadership contest. Any Brexit outcome decided this way will lack any semblance of democratic legitimacy. That’s why more and more people from every corner of the country will be demanding with one voice this summer: Let Us Be Heard.”


The interview with Sky News can be seen here: