Bebb – A bad deal will be bad for wealth creation - People's Vote

Bebb – A bad deal will be bad for wealth creation

 Entrepreneurs and business owners are drifting away from the Conservative Party because of concerns that the national interest is taking second place to internal party management matters, new polling commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign shows.

On the same day that major party donor Michael Spencer has warned that the Conservatives have “lost their way” in their relationship with business, the polling shows just 36% of business leaders said the Government was pursuing a Brexit in the national interest, with 53% believing it was approaching Brexit with the over-riding need to have a Brexit that “keeps the Conservative Party together”.

The polling also shows the depth of business concern about Brexit: 13% of business leaders said they were well-prepared for Brexit while 68% said they had made no preparations or had more work to do. And three-in-ten said Brexit was likely to impact any plans they might have for business expansion. A third (33%) said Brexit would make recruitment harder with just one-in-twenty (5%) saying it would make it easier.

Commenting, Guto Bebb MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Business is the bedrock of the Conservative Party in the country and it would be a tragedy for both our party and ultimately for the UK if we were to throw away that role.

“Business leaders can see though, that the only Brexit we are going to get now will be a bad deal. Bad for investment, bad for jobs, bad for wealth creation. That is why so many business leaders are now urging us to support a People’s Vote and why more Conservatives are joining the campaign.”



Notes to Editors:

Details of the polling are attached. All figures, unless otherwise stated are from YouGov plc. The survey was of 1,004 senior decision makers in all business sizes between September 18 and September 26 2018.