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Baroness Margaret Prosser – Boris Johnson’s Brexit would be a disaster for workers’ rights

Backbench Labour MP Lisa Nandy today suggested she would not support the Brexit proposals being put forward by Boris Johnson because they do not protect the Belfast Agreement and would weaken workers’ rights, environmental protections and standards in the UK.

Speaking on Sky News Ridge on Sunday, Lisa Nandy said: “What we've got is a proposal which stands virtually no chance of being accepted by the EU which creates two borders on the island of Ireland which is completely incompatible with existing international law and which rips up the workers' rights and protections and the environmental protections that we spent several months at the start of this year negotiating with the former Prime Minister [Theresa May].”

Additionally, a briefing by Thompsons Solicitors responding to Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals describes how the “Conservative government has completely whitewashed workers’ rights from its revised stance on Brexit.”


Commenting, Baroness Margaret Prosser, former Deputy General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union, former President of the Trades Union Congress and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit would be a disaster for the rights of working people in this country. This legal briefing, from Britain’s leading labour law firm, makes it clear that workers’ rights aren’t even at the bottom of Boris Johnson’s priority list – they are not on the list at all. No wonder MPs like Lisa Nandy who cares deeply about these issues, are now saying they will have nothing to do with Johnson’s Brexit. 

“Any version of his  Brexit – be it with a deal or without – would mean a concerted effort to destroy protections for workers, the environment and standards. It would fire the starting gun on a destructive race to the bottom, leaving the UK with lower wages for workers, lower taxes for the wealthiest and the worst standards. 

“The promises on workers’ rights made by Theresa May in an effort to win over Labour MPs are now being ripped up by Downing Street which is hell-bent on a project of the right, for the right. Boris Johnson and other Brexiters have made it clear they want to use Brexit as an opportunity to do away with regulations protecting workers, the environment and standards. Someone as untrustworthy as him cannot have the final say on Brexit – it must be the public. That’s why huge numbers will be marching through London on October 19th demanding a People’s Vote.”



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