Antoniazzi – There is no mandate for No Deal - People's Vote

Antoniazzi – There is no mandate for No Deal

Commenting on the CBI’s warning over a No Deal Brexit, Tonia Antoniazzi MP, said:

“There is no mandate for a humiliating No Deal crash-out. It is the exact opposite of what was promised in 2016 by Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab and others, who said we wouldn’t begin the legal process of leaving the EU until we had a trade deal in place, and that the economy would be strengthened by Brexit.

“Leaving without a deal would impact every part of business life, as even if your company only buys and sells in Britain, your customers will be trading overseas. If they cannot keep their supply chain running or if they cannot find buyers for their goods and services, the shock waves will spread across the economy.

“And it’s not just businesses that will be hit. Hospitals need drugs made elsewhere in Europe. Schools and homes use gas and electricity supplied across European interconnectors. No deal means no guarantees for continuity of supply.

“Some Conservatives think they can force this humiliation on the British people if they ignore Parliament and just let the clock run down. But no government that pursued this reckless approach will be allowed to stand. And as the evidence of today’s YouGov poll shows, the next prime minister will likely do all they can to avoid a general election.

“There is one way out of this impasse – a democratic and fair People’s Vote on Brexit. Parliament cannot decide, but the people can.”