Amber Rudd's resignation confirms EU negotiations are a 'sham' - People's Vote

Amber Rudd's resignation confirms EU negotiations are a 'sham'

Commenting on the news that Amber Rudd has resigned as a Minister and from the Conservative whip, Guto Bebb MP, leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign said: 

“It is to be welcomed that another Conservative Minister has chosen to leave the Government because they now realise that Boris Johnson and his Brexit Extremists in Downing Street are hell bent on forcing an undemocratic no deal on the British people without their consent.
“Amber Rudd’s resignation letter confirms reports this week where Boris Johnson’s senior adviser said the Government’s attempts to negotiate a Brexit deal are a ‘sham’. It is clear Boris Johnson has no serious intention of fulfilling his stated promise of trying to secure a deal.
“The only democratic and legitimate way to resolve this crisis is not to trust Boris Johnson but to trust the people through a final say referendum.
“In recent days Boris Johnson has chosen to use phrases like ‘trust the people’ and ‘put it back to the people’ while urging a general election. This crisis cannot be resolved by a general election, only a People’s Vote can offer voters a final say through a referendum. Now that we know so much more - about what Brexit would mean to jobs public services, living standards and Britain’s place in the world - it’s time for this to be decided by all the voters in a final say referendum.”