Actor Brian Cox channels Churchill to call for a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Actor Brian Cox channels Churchill to call for a People’s Vote

Stage and screen actor Brian Cox, who played the eponymous role in the movie Churchill, has recorded a powerful new film for the People’s Vote Campaign which will be shown before the People’s Vote March for the Future in Parliament Square this Saturday (Oct 20).

The Scottish actor – who also starred in the Bourne movies – wrote and performs the monologue in which he warns that the damage of Brexit would be ‘incalculable’. In a hard-hitting message that quotes Churchill, Cox  warns that the rise of neoconservatism in both the East and West, fostered by a “narcissistic, thoughtless idiocy” of the American President and the “sheer vicious thuggery of the poisoner of Moscow” means now more than ever there needs to be a united, not divided Europe.

Drawing an unflattering comparison between Boris Johnson and other Brextremist politicians in the UK to Churchill, Dundee-born Cox says the “opportunistic clowns of Brexit” – Gove, Johnson, Farage and Rees-Mogg – “have shown not an iota of Churchill’s vision and wisdom.”

Cox concludes that a People’s Vote is “vital”.

In the film, Brian Cox says:

“Lies were told, promises made that cannot and will not be honoured. The lack of consideration of our industrial and business enterprises, of relationships that have blossomed and flourished for over 40 years under our European alliance. The damage is incalculable.

“The devastating effect on our academic life, our universities, the waste incurred by abandoned joint European projects, projects for example in the arena of life sciences, dedicated to the betterment of the health of all nations.

“In 1940 with the threat of fascism knocking on the door of our island, Winston Churchill proposed that the people of France and the people of the United Kingdom be united by joint citizenship. Then in 1963, two years before he died he wrote: ‘the future of Europe if Britain were to be excluded is black indeed’. Never have those words been as prescient as today.

“The rise of neo-conservatism, mirrored both in the East and West, fostered by the narcissistic thoughtless idiocy of the American POTUS combined by the sheer vicious thuggery of the poisoner of Moscow.

“Now more than ever has there been a time where a united not divided Europe should hold and keep a balance of political sanity in our world.

“The opportunistic clowns of Brexit, Gove, Johnson and the little Englander Farage and the feudalist Rees-Mogg have shown not an iota of Churchill’s vision and wisdom. The global political climate of 2018 is now so radically different to that of 2016. A People’s Vote is vital in order that they be given the opportunity to reflect and review how the referendum of 2016 has been altered by the social political and economic nature of our lives today in 2018.”

Brian Cox is also recording a closing film which will be shown to the crowd after the rally in Parliament Square this Saturday setting out the next steps and a call to action for supporters of the People’s Vote.



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