‘Unshackling’ is a humiliating retreat, says People’s Vote campaign - People's Vote

‘Unshackling’ is a humiliating retreat, says People’s Vote campaign

Commenting on today’s ‘unshackling’ announcement from the Department for Exiting the European Union, which confirmed that Government ministers and officials would be withdrawing from many of their usual EU meetings Martin Whitfield MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote said:

"The last few days have revealed the true colours of this government and the narrow vision they have for the UK and its place in the world.

"The No Deal Brexit being peddled by Boris Johnson will lead to chaos and confusion at our ports, on our roads and in our food supply. We have a Prime Minister who is prepared to play fast and loose with peace in Ireland and readily sacrifice businesses who rely on European trade or hard-working EU employees.

"And today brings us the great flounce, as UK ministers and officials are told to pack their bags, switch off their phones and stop talking to our EU colleagues. It is a pitiful retreat from our position at the heart of European decision-making.