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Murray – May’s deal will be a disaster for Britain’s computer games industry

Britain’s computer games industry – a world leader – is threatened with disastrous consequences by Theresa May’s plans for a Brexit which takes the UK out of the Single Market and Customs Union says a new report from industry group “Games4EU”.

The group state that – whether it is Theresa May’s proposed Chequers Car Crash deal or a ‘no deal’ - the British computer games industry faces:

  • Uncertainty and bureaucracy that will drive up costs and limit profitability
  • Products ranging from games consoles to online subscriptions becoming more expensive and more difficult to obtain
  • Having to relocate to the EU in part or in full to maintain business continuity
  • Loss of access to staff talent from across the EU
  • Weakened consumer rights in ways that may discourage game players – such as the return of hated roaming charges on phones and data devices
  • Loss of cultural soft power and influence on a global scale


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, and whose South Edinburgh constituency has strong connections to the UK’s computer games industry, said:

“Britain’s video games industry leads the world and that leading position is now at risk from Brexit.

“As Games4EU make clear damage will be done whether it’s Theresa May’s bad deal or a disastrous no deal. Brexit threatens to shrink our markets and deprive our scientific, engineering and creative industries of investment and talent.

“The real choice is not between a bad deal and no deal, it’s between whatever outcome the Brexit elite offer us and a People’s Vote, and that is why momentum behind the demand that the people have the final say on Brexit is growing all the time.”



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